River Rustic      fine rock art   by carlos moseley

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Carlos Moseley-Artist Profile



 Carlos and Carol Moseley


Stones are the color pallet and canvas of successful Texas sculpture rock artist Carlos Moseley….a descendent of famous 1850's Texan J.R. Couts….born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico….an American citizen.

Carlos has lived in Texas for over 25 years, and has been a resident of the Texas Hill Country since 1995….living on a ranch nestled in oak trees touching the spring fed Pedernales River in Gillespie County, just outside Fredericksburg, Texas.

Carlos has always held a passion for nature, photography, gourmet cooking and music, all of which led to the unique discovery of "Rustic River Rock Art". Years of collecting unique stones and rocks developed into his extraordinary artistic rock designs. 

A unique process is used to collect native local stones and rocks with a procedure that does not disturb the environment….all his work is above ground.  Some of the flint stones were used by early native Apache and Comanche Indians who lived in the area.

Carlos's lovely wife Carol is no stranger to Texas History as her early relatives were German immigrants….original 1800's settlers of the Texas Hill Country.  Carol plays an important part in this unique and successful art enterprise….handling all the business logistics along with creating the clever names for each one-of-a-kind rock art collections. 

Carlos can focus on the artistic inspirations  formed from the  art studio…. surrounded by rocks, stones and pebbles that are waiting to be discovered. These popular rock art creations are displayed in galleries  and shown throughout Texas and various other states. 

These art forms have found their way to Europe via Spain, Great Britain and Germany….each with unique names such as Western Bow Legged Bill, Indian War Parties, Shady Lady, Ladies of the Cross, Dancehall Cowgirls and Bonnie & Clyde.

There are no boundaries as the unique characters and art settings can be historical, early western history, basketball, fish, rock climbing, funny faces, wines and weddings and golfers.

Carlos and Carol form a unique team as they travel across Texas and other states presenting their art in various fine art shows….receiving special recognition such as "Best of Show Ribbon Winners".

"Carlos has a real love affair with his fine rock art characters and admits he finds reluctance to let them go."